***M Y B U L L I A D V E N T U R E HÖRT AUF ***



Are there any requirements  to the driver?

Yes, you must be at least 23 years old and must hold the driving-license B for a minimum of 3 years.

What kind of insurance is covered?

The camper vans are covered with a fully comprehensive insurance with a participation of € 1.500,00 per incident. You can reduce the participation on € 300,00 per incident if you book online though our partner a reduction for the costs of € 5,00 / day online (https://www.tmc-reisen.de/my-bulli-adventure.html).

Which cost may arise in case of an accident?

You are holding maximum comprehensive insurance with participation of € 1.500,00 per incident if you did not book the reduction. Further charges may only arise if acted intentionally, negligently or DUI. 

Is there a deposit due?

Yes, there is a deposit due at the beginning of the rental period in an amount of € 800,00.

How many kilometers are included?

It should be possible to find a solution for your destinations, but at the end our rates are calculated on an average distance driven with our campers per day. This calculation is based on 250 km/day. But inform us about your plans and we will try to find a solution that you can reach them with our campers without ruining us or you!

Are there any additional charges?

The straight camper van will cost you just the daily rental fee. In addition you will be charged a € 75,00 service-fee if you rented the camper for less than one week, only.

Tolls and other road tolls?

The renter bears all the fees charged when using roads, bridges and tunnels and is obliged to inform himself about the applicable rules abroad in advance. An advice if you want to go to Scandinavia: Please remember to register the car on your name for the travel period. In Scandinavia the tolls are recorded on the license plate and you must register before you. Norway is registering at www.epcplc.com and Sweden at www.epass24.com.

It is a huge bureaucratic effort for us, if we have to assign each vehicle on the basis of the corresponding rental period to the respective tenant after a payment request. In case of non-compliance with the previous registration, we have to charge a processing fee for every payment request.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking or rental-contract?

After renter and rental company signed the rental-contract there are certain regulations for cancellation oft this contract:

  • There will be a 25% deduction of the rental fee if the cancellation is within 50 days or more prior to the rental period but a minimum of € 119,00 incl. 19% salestax.
  • 75 %  of the rental fee will be deducted if you cancel it between 49 and 15 days prior to your booking period.
  • 90 % of he rental fee will be deducted if you cancel between 14 days up to one day before rental period begins.
  • 100% oft he rental fee are due if you cancel at the day when renting period begins or if you do not show up to take the car

We recommend that you sign a travel cancellation insurance for any unexpected changes in your travel plans.

Do I have to clean the camper before returning it?

We consider the Fair-Use-Policy for our campers in general. That means: it should be okay, if you take out the waste and remove the dirt that you brought in/which was caused by you (inside/outside). But sharing the efforts between us and you to keep the campers in a good condition is basic part of our concept and understanding how a unique camper adventure is possible during a summer season for everybody.

The kitchen (stove, sink, refrigerator and cupboards) is of course cleaned to pass.

How do I pay?

You can easily book via email and pay per bank transfer to our account

Do I receive the camper with a full tank?.

Yes, absolutely! And that’s how you should return him. Otherwise there will be an extra surcharge of € 30,00 plus the fuel costs.

Are gas- and water-tank ready to use?

Yeah, the gas-tank (2.8kg CAMPINGAZ bottle) is always on board and water-tank will be filled upon your request. If the gas-tank should be empty, you can replace the bottle and will receive the money back upon receipt.

What should I do if the car needs small repair?

Small repair-bills up to € 100,00 from original Volkswagen service points will be refunded upon receipt even if you did not received clearance for that through us. All other repairs should be communicated to us in advance because all cars are still under Manufacturers warranty. Due to this circumstance we strictly insist that you pay attention if yellow or red symbols appear in the cars display.

How many persons can travel with and sleep in the camper?

4 persons can drive with and sleep in the camper.

Will I receive an introduction on how to use the camper van? And can I try driving it?

Yes, and you should plan that it will take approximately an hour to explain the handling of the car. You will in addition certainly have the manual of the van with you. And you can find useful tutorial videos on youtube.

Could you deliver the camper to my place?

Yes, in Kiel it is possible. If you will cover our expenses war are ready to deliver it almost everywhere.

I will arrive by train or ship. Could you pick me up?

We will always try to organize a free pick up for you!

When can I receive the camper? And when do I have to return it?

In general you will receive the campervan around 2:00 pm and have to return it at 10:00 am. General Returning days at the weekend are Friday morning or Sunday evening. Rentals do not start on sundays or holidays. But if you need different times do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to help you.

I don’t have time to organize everything! I don’t have time to go shopping!

We are ready to help you in almost any matter!

You would like to buy one of our Volkswagen T6 California?

That is possible! We sell our Californias after approximately 18 months of service at very special conditions including manufacturer's warranty. On request we can also offer an additional new car connection guarantee on favorable terms.